What HeadsUP Offer

We believe you can’t be too young to start looking after your mental health and therefore will be offering sessions to groups throughout primary, secondary and college ages.

HeadsUP offer FREE sessions, currently funded by Devon Community Foundation, East Devon District Council, Tesco Community Grants & WEB PCN to get young people confident in talking about mental health, empower and equip them to look after their mental health and educate on the positive relationship between mental and physical health.

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Current Projects:

Forward Thinking: Educating children & young people on how to look after their mental health and equipping them with knowledge of more specific topics including:

  • What is mental health?
  • The difference between mental health and mental illness
  • How to look after your mental health
  • The media (including social media) and mental health
  • Self confidence
  • Building resilience
  • Mental health and physical health
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Dealing with Low mood
  • Dealing with Anger

These can be delivered as assemblies, class or small group sessions.

Run With Your Feelings: Joint sessions delivered with our partner agencies. Sessions are based around looking after our mental health and the positive relationship between mental and physical health.

Mental Health Ambassadors Workshops: This workshop trains young people to be champions for mental health and lead wellbeing initiatives in their school communities. By empowering young people with skills and knowledge to support their own and their peers’ wellbeing, we aim to prevent early mental health problems and create positive experiences of talking about mental health.

We’ve Got This Transitions Programme: Year 6 sessions looking at the following topics:

  • Understanding what worry and anxiety are
  • Learning how to recognise worry and anxiety in oneself and others
  • What actions should we take when we feel these emotions?
  • Anxieties and worries around secondary school

Specialist One to One Sessions: Sessions for young people who are struggling with their mental health. These sessions will equip and empower young people with techniques to help themselves when they are finding life difficult.

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Feedback: –

Mental Health Ambassadors Feedback – “Thank you for helping our school train a team of young Mental Health Ambassadors. Over the weeks, you have skillfully navigated conversations about the importance of looking after our own mental health and supporting others. You have helped us to recognise emotions and have strategies for self-regulation.  The sessions you provided were engaging, fun and thought provoking. We feel that you have given us the tools to help each other through everyday life”.

Class session feedback – “Paula has delivered class sessions to several of our year groups. She has used a number of different ways to keep the children engaged, inspired and well educated around mental health. Thank you!”

Parent feedback“You have been great, thank you for everything you have done for ****. Your support has made a massive difference to him”.

“I have seen such a difference in ****** since you started working with her. Her confidence has increased and anxiety has decreased. She seems so much happier with life. Thank you so much”.

“Thank you for all your help with *******. We are so lucky to have this service free of charge in our area. We are very grateful”.