• Control Circles A great way to help deal with our worries and anxiety is to look at what we can control. This activity will help you identify what you can and cannot control.
  • The Adventurous Me  This calendar is for you to grab a few weeks or even a month where you can plan ahead and put a bit of “me time” in each day.
  • Where to get support  Online and telephone support for young people.
  • Self Care  When things are challenging, we often think about everyone else and forget to look after ourselves. Here is a reminder of how to look after our mental health.
  • Relaxation Techniques  Some ideas if you struggle with relaxing.
  • Managing Anxiety   When you feel your anxiety rising there are a few things you can do to reduce the anxiety and get yourself back on track.
  • Boost your Self-Esteem If you are having one of those days/weeks where your confidence is low and your self esteem needs a boost, remind yourself of the good things in your life and focus on them.
  • Challenging Anxious Thoughts With this resource you can start to challenge your negative thinking and your anxious thoughts.
  • HeadsUp Revision Timetable A timetable to help you prepare for exams.